COVID-19 Update

Over 1,100 virtual private lesson taught during the stay-at-home-order! We are currently closed to the public until further notice due to the COVID-19 issue.  In addition to our virtual, private classes, we have live streaming lessons and educational videos available on our Member Page.  

Kids Classes

Our children's martial arts program teaches self-discipline, respect for others - especially parents - and encourages academic achievement.  We also have special daytime karate classes for homeschoolers.  

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Family Classes

Want more family time?  Our special family classes are one of the few activities that adults and children can participate together in reaching their goals.  Enjoy quality time with your family, get fit, achieve together and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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Adult Classes

Be part of a fitness program that benefits the mind and body.  Our martial arts classes are fun, motivating and educational.  Experienced instructors will be there to guide and challenge you through your journey.  

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Classes for Teens

Does your teen:

  •  need to learn how to set goals and achieve?
  • watch too much TV/play games?
  • have a negative attitude?
  • feel left out of team sports?
  • feel awkward in social settings? 

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Tae Grr Cubs

Our Tae Grr Cub's karate program teaches younger children (age 4-6) coordination, balance, respect and cooperation. Students' attention span and body coordination will be developed through their increased ability to concentrate.

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About Us

Community service through karate

What's Happening

What's Happening

What's Happening

  • Instructors earn awards from World Grandmasters Federation
  • Annual karate event raises over $35,000 for Children’s Hospital at VCU
  • Students attend Board Breaking Seminar
  • Morehead City students earn Black Belt
  • Students enjoy Fun Night aka Parent's Date Night
  • 3rd location in Cape Carteret
  • Fundraising for local children’s programs
  • Instructor reads at County Libraries

Morehead City Martial Arts Instructors / Masters


What's Happening

What's Happening

You will be in good hands with our experienced instructors.  They will work with you individually to make sure you get the most from our program.

Phillip and Shannon Henry are the owners and master instructors of the Morehead City karate school.

Phillip is a master of 3 styles of Korean martial arts, certified personal trainer, Youth Exercise Specialist and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Master Shannon is a 4th degree black belt, Early Childhood Education Specialist, board chair for Carteret Smart Start and published illustrator.

logo from Morehead City karate school

Our Philosophy

What's Happening

Our Philosophy

Safe, fun, and family-oriented atmosphere.  Traditional values of discipline and respect with practical training.

Good thinking makes good actions; good actions make good habits; good  habits make good character; good character makes good destiny.

Grandmaster's Motto:

Thinking Before Acting

School Values:






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Cavin and Cooper

Cavin and Cooper

Cavin and Cooper

Brother enjoy taking karate together

The instructors are so caring and patient with all the students. They take their time to make sure each student feels welcome and respected.  I have noticed a change in my sons as they continue to learn about respect, honesty and the tradition of Tae Kwon Do.

- Susan (mother)


Cavin and Cooper

Cavin and Cooper

Girl in karate uniform

They are patient with the  kids. They do more than teach them; they truly mentor them in all aspects of the kids lives.  The instructors reward good behavior and puts a strong emphasis on school and succeeding in their lives. They go above and beyond for the kids.

- Janice (grandmother)


Cavin and Cooper


Boy in karate uniform

Jacob has shown tremendous growth in self confidence and respect since he started at Grandmaster Dong's Martial Arts.  It's a great family atmosphere and the school values they teach compliment the rules we follow at home.

- Erika (mother)




Adult in karate uniform

I  never dreamed a man my age could accomplish what I have done, and I now  feel more confident in my ability to defend myself, thanks to Master  Henry.  He has changed my life.

- Antonio M.




Family takes karate together

The change in  the three of them has been incredible. Although they are still quiet,  their self-confidence has increased dramatically.  Master Henry  and Mrs. Shannon are sensitive to their fears and never fail to provide  encouragement, guidance, or tough love when necessary.

- Arlene (mother)




Man in martial arts uniform - black belt.

The instructors are incredibly approachable and have an unending well of patience.  There is a genuine desire to see each of their students not only to meet  those goals, but to exceed them. It isn’t just about meeting the  minimum standards, its about putting forth your maximum efforts to  achieve your maximum results.

- Wes D.

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3 Locations to serve you

Also in Cedar Point & Cape Carteret

Morehead City main

5270 US 70, Morehead City, NC 28557

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We offer Day & Evening Classes!  Our office hours are:

Monday & Wednesday: 3pm - 8pm

Tuesday & Thursday: 11:30am - 8pm

Friday: 3pm - 6pm

Saturday: TBA on monthly schedule

Sunday: Closed

Call for Cedar Point & Cape Carteret class times. 252-222-0444

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