Video from some of our martial arts classes

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Back-to-School Fun Night

Kids enjoyed playing games with their friends during our Fun Night.

Open bottle with spin kick

Rachel wanted to try to open a bottle with a spin kick after martial arts class.

Extinguish Candle with Side Kick

Miranda practicing her kicking accuracy after martial arts class tonight.


Superhero Camp

Students had a Bam!, Pow!, Zappin good time at our Superhero Camp  meeting Batman, Spiderman, Batgirl and Black Widow. They also enjoyed a  day filled with themed classes, games, crafts, No Name Pizza, and Kona  Ice. Thank you Project Superhero for your super assistance.

Some hand drills during class

Working on some hand drills this evening.

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Emmy breaking during competition

2019 Children's Hospital Charity Tournament - Emmy won 1st place in her women's division with this breaking combination.

Ryan wins 1st place

2019 Children's Hospital Charity Tournament - Ryan won 1st place with this breaking routine.

Cartwheel board break

Kamaryn working on a new board break using a cartwheel.

TaeGrr Cub Board Break

One of our TaeGrr Cubs learning to break a board with a hammer fist.  Our TaeGrr Cubs program is a specifically designed martial arts class for ages 4-6 year olds.

Accuracy practice

A student kicking a water bottle off the top of a target with a jumping roundhouse kick.

Beginner Karate Class

A kicking drill during one of our children's, beginner martial arts classes.

Mother's Day Classes

May 13 - We held special Mother's Day martial arts classes on Monday evening.  Lots of smiles and memories!